PUBG Mobile – Best Battle Royale Game

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is smartly developed by PUBG Corporation. This is the best and very addictive game because of its marvelous features.

People really like to play this amazing game into their free time. Basically, the gameplay is very interesting. You will land on the island with your team by parachute and there you need to kill others. Last man stand will win the battle round and win the rewards which can be claimed after the battle ends.

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How to change controllers?

Some people are not satisfied from the controllers so they want to customize it and set according to their way. Therefore, it is really possible with the controller settings.  Simply click on setting and then controls settings. You will get different options of in order to change the controls for foot and vehicles which you can adjust both wisely. This is the most useful method of playing the game so you should think about it. If you have doubt then you can easily choose the option of help and able to clear all the doubts. Due to this, we will get a significant support of the experts in order to understand the settings of the game.

Loot system

If you are wondering that how to get battle points in pubg then you just need to concentrate on the opponents and weapons.  By killing the enemies you can easily collect the battle points. In a game, you will get different chances in order to earn cosmetic rewards. No doubt, players will earn BP by playing matches and they can use the points to open randomized loot crates. However, now you will get an opportunity to attain EXP points and Vitality. Let me start from the vitality climbs and they are possible to get after completing the daily missions even you get it by killing some people in the mission.


The EXP shows on the top of the screen. Therefore, you should think about it and able to take its advantage. Once you completed the round then simply go to the settings in order to claim the loot. This is the right method that will provide you best outcomes. The rewarded outcomes will give you support in the game which will prove really helpful. Therefore, don’t miss this chance. Make sure, if you killed by the enemy during the battle and your team lost the round then you not able to get the reward. Therefore, be alert while playing.

Moreover, in the reward, you will get lots of things such as extra health, weapons, armor as well as currency. Due to this, you are able to buy anything in the store. Nonetheless, there are some unique things in the store those are locked so players need to use currency in order to unblock those things.

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