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A Complete Beginners Guide To King Of Avalon- Mobile Game!


King of Avalon is a kind of MMO game comes with fantasy worlds and many dragons. Each gamer needs to focus on building troops, alliance, and a stronger empire. Lots of battle games are out there, King of Avalon is one of them which provides lots of enjoyment to game lovers. Due to the hardest challenges, there is no chance to get bored as it excites in different ways. One can easily enhance their mental skills to protect the castle in addition to defeat various monsters. If you need to play the game, you can easily download it on Android and iOS devices for free.

  • Game tutorial

A new game always starts with its tutorial, which is essential for every gamer to learn. With the help of learning tutorial, you can easily get aware of game functions, systems, fantasy world, challenges in addition to the latest features. Don’t forget to miss the tutorial as it is essential for beginners. It is a kind of small guide which helps you to know game basics.

  • Bind your account

Don’t forget to bind game account with social media accounts. It helps to earn free game currency, complete the profile and offers many benefits. So, if you are a newbie, try to bind your account first for achieving further growth.

  • Alliance

Joining an alliance helps every player to build a mighty empire in lesser time. They don’t need to perform the construction work singularly as alliance members are waiting to help others. Not only making a mighty empire it helps in many ways to progress in the game faster as no one another can. Many alliances are added in play from which a gamer needs to find the best one.

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  • University

University is considered as one of the most substantial bases in the game. Try to make the university as quick as possible because it helps to continue the latest researches. It makes your research projects active to complete on for speeding up the training. In simple words, it helps to speed up in the construction field and helps to train the troops faster.

  • Train troops

Top 5 buildings a gamer will find in the base where he/she can train the troops. Buildings like barracks, stables, ranges, siege, workshops where a user can assign work to their forces in order to make them stronger. Try to upgrade the troops faster, which helps to progress in the game without taking much stress.

  • Upgrade buildings

It is considered as the central task where a player needs to focus on more. Every player tries to upgrade the buildings in order to make the entire empire stronger. So, when the monster attacks your kingdom, there is less chance of losing up. All the buildings have their own importance, don’t try to avoid the upgrades of smaller buildings. Sometimes the weaker structures which you prevent to upgrade helps to win over different fights.

So, we can easily conclude that following the tips accurately can help a beginner to become a pro player. But if you still need more deep information about the game, then you can check it out on king of avalon hack and cheats.

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