DragonVale Game Features You Should Know in 2020

There are many reasons why Dragon Vale emerged as one of the most popular online games. Have you hatched any dragon lately? It is high time that you enter the world of the dragons. You can play the game for free on your Android platform.

However, you have the option to spend real money too for purchasing various items of the game.

Addiction to the Dragons

The super cute dragons will make the game a pure habit. But the addiction is for good when you earn the coins without spending real money. Caring for the adorable ones makes you feel as if you really own those pets virtually.

How you would love to feed them with new treats. It is a pleasure to watch your small dragons grow. You can customize the habitats as and when you like adding new upgrades. The friends from different island homes will come to visit your sanctuary and vice versa.

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A Great Experience

The enticing experience of the game will never stop amazing you with its wide range of features.

  1. You can raise hoards of the dragons virtually.
  2. Build your magical islands right in the sky.
  3. You need habitats for the grazing of the dragons. You can create multiple habitats with sufficient customization.
  4. You can also win great prizes if you can manage to win the dragon races.
  5. Delight your visitors from the other islands by decorating the paths and the entire sanctuary.
  6. Arrange for the treats of the dragons on your farm.
  7. Animations are in full colored form, making the experience so very realistic.
  8. The soundtrack is original and of very high-quality.
  9. Connect to your friends on Facebook and earn coins.

All these features make the game far more attractive than Jurassic Park. The graphics quality is super with great artwork.


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