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Game of Thrones Conquest Research Guide

game of thrones conquest research guide

Game of Thrones Conquest Research is an essential thing to enhance your dragon’s ability. There are multiple types of research which give you a different result. In this Guide, We will furnish the fundamentals of each research.

Game of Thrones Conquest Talent Research

In the Lower-level research is cheap and could be done nearly the entire day! But the best time is to do through events.

Ensure that you gather all research materials so that during events, you could move them. Below is a summary of all the fields and whether you should work on each of them:


It is essential to achieve a shorter time in farming and gather more resources through the arming process. You must start this as soon as possible. Especially if you don’t know the legit game of thrones conquest cheats to earn free resources from it.


Logistic research ensures you fast marching of assets, provides seats and bearing creatures with your troop. After Logistic completion research, you gain a higher healing rate and speedy construction of buildings.

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This mostly contains material that isn’t worthy at the beginning, and you shouldn’t dwell on it until you’ve made decent strides in the trees that are suggested.

Red Priest is good to strike other players to save 10 per cent from death but rather let them be injured. Murder holes Red Priest and Bulwark are just areas to improve on.


With a second or then third march, stewardship helps you to cultivate. Command raises a considerable amount of your marching size.

Early statistics of the troops are too inexpensive to disregard and must do. Once they become pricey, you must concentrate on your main squad.

Other researches can be overlooked for the time being. Stewardship III launches at level 20, enabling you to continue collecting your regular quest by deploying one march to each node form and helping you to gather more resources.

Advanced Military

DIt may be useful to improve the result on fights on the field later on, but work in that tree is very expensive for its advantages.

Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Training Research


It extends your dragon and the soldiers with your dragon many protection boosts


With your dragon Research in Whelp, it provides stuff that will help you destroy monsters and farm tools faster depending on how much Lore you possess. If you have enough, you may continue to investigate. We suggest that you update your dragon to protect your Lore. You can neglect the research of the size of the troop vs node.


It is essential when your dragon level is 31. If you are more on LVSL battles, then you can go for it.


Getting an adult dragon is the toughest challenge and your last resort on research.…

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